About The Firm

Bien & Summers’ practice focuses exclusively on civil appeals in federal and state courts.  We have handled appeals of all levels of complexity, involving small motions or a 100,000-page multi-trial record, and covering a wide variety of subjects. Click here to view our range of services 

Originally formed as a partnership in 1990 and now operating as a sole proprietorship, Bien & Summers has been one of California's most prominent, respected, and successful civil appellate specialty firms. In July of 2012 Bien & Summers was named one of the top nine appellate practices in California by The Recorder. Firm co-founder Elizabeth Summers retired several years ago.

Firm co-founder Elliot L. Bien has handled civil appeals since 1975 and has limited his practice to that field since 1982. A graduate of Columbia Law School with an LL.M. from Harvard, Elliot's recognition as a leading appellate advocate includes his presidency of the California Academy of Appellate Lawyers and membership in the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers. He has represented leading manufacturers, banks, REITS, insurers, other corporations, national advocacy groups, professional firms of every kind, and individuals in a wide variety of personal or business disputes. Click here for full scope of experience.

Finally, the firm has a longstanding commitment to ethics and professionalism in appellate practice. Elliot is one of California's leading advocates for those values and the firm takes them to heart.  Indeed, we take our motto, "appellate counsel," to mean an officer of appellate courts. We believe the privilege of appearing in the highest courts imposes a duty to act in the highest traditions of our profession.


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